GM Secrets Revealed!

Webinars for all levels by Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson​

With the Swedish National Team in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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What is on

In 4 webinars per month GM Pontus Carlsson reveals grandmaster secrets that he has picked up through more than 20 years on the international chess scene as player and coach.

How long are the webinars

The webinars are 60 minutes and consists of the GM teaching an actual theme for 45-50 minutes plus 10-15 minutes where the participants can ask their own questions. All webinars will be interactive since the best ways to learn is by beeing engaged.

GM secrets that cannot be found in books will be revealed and the focus will be on answering the questions that club players would like to know in order to improve their game.

Examples of themes that will be covered are:

  • How to get your chesstraining effective
  • How to construct a suitable opening repertoire
  • Why does queen & knight cooperate better than queen & bishop
  • Practical tips for maximizing your results in blitz & rapid
  • How to handle the Hedgehog

It sounds good how does it work

Each member that signs up and pays the membership fee gets a personal invitation to the webinars. If a member can not attend the webinar than it will be possible to review it afterwards.
Go to Webinar will be used and it is a well established webinar provider that ensures high quality.

What do I need to be able to attend

You will need a good internet connection and access to a computer so that you can join and follow the webinars. You will also need an emailadress to be able receive the personal invitations and other important information.

What does it cost

  • Every participant has to become a member and the membership fee is 120 USD/month.
  • The membership fee is paid in advance and has to be paid before the 1st of each new month.
  • If a member does not wish to renew his membership it has to be cancelled before the 1st of each new month.

Discounted membership fees

To premise long-term members the following discounts are offered

  • 6-month membership 500 USD (real value 720 USD)
  • 1 year membership 1000 USD (real value 1440 USD)

Group Memberships

If you are a chessclub, school or a group that wants to join than contact me on for a customized setup.

When does it start

  • The first Webinar is on Saturday the 7th of October at 5PM (17.00) CET (Central European Time) = GMT+2

Time zone differences

US Eastern time: 5PM Central European time is 11AM Eastern (6 hours time difference)
US Central time: 5PM Central European time is 10AM Central (7 hours time difference)
US Mountain time: 5PM Central European time is 9AM Mountain (8 hours time difference)
US Pacific time: 5PM Central European time is 8AM Pacific (9 hours time difference)
Brittish time: 5PM Central European time is 4PM Brittish (1 hour time difference)
Indian std time: 5PM Central European time is 8.30 PM Indian (3.5 hour time difference)
East African time: 5PM Central European time is 6PM East African (1 hour time difference)

Please carefully check the time zone differences

The schedule for January 2018!

  1. Saturday 6 January   –  Positional play against  the Reti!
  2. Saturday 13 January –  How to win won positions!
  3. Saturday 20 January –  What and when to Exchange!
  4. Saturday 27 January –  Members Choice *

* Members choice means that the theme of the training will be chosen by the members!

Important: All trainings will start at 5PM Central European time.

How do I sign up

For subscriptions, more information or questions please contact GM Pontus Carlsson.
Twitter: @GMCarlsson
Facebook: Pontus Carlsson