Exhibitions & Events

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How does a Chess Exhibition look like?
It can be a Simultaneous exhibition (short name = simul).
Than the exhibitioneer plays against more than one opponent at the same time.
A normal number of opponents for a Grandmaster is 20-30.

Wow, don't you get tired?
Yes I do! and playing such a thing normally makes me cover the same distance as a soccer midfielder.
So in Chess as any other sport you need good physics.

It can also be a Blindfold exhibition

What does it mean?
It means that the exhibitioneer plays a game against another person with his or her eyes covered!

Wow how can you do that?
Since I use visualization and project a chessboard inside my head.

But How can you see what they move?
No I can´t but I have an arbiter that tells me the coordinates of their moves
For example Pawn e2 to e4 and since the chessboard is a cordinate system I can than easily register my opponents moves in my mind.

An Event can be

• A Company kick-off
• Team building with a chess theme where strategic thinking will be excercised and translated into Corporate strategic thinking
• A lecture at your chess club, school or Rotary association

I have many years of experience in constructing and organizing events and below you can see some samples of previous events that I have done.

If you are Interested in an exhibition or event than do not hesitate to contact me at pcarlssonchess@gmail.com