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Näringslivet Möter Förorten!


Sören Mellstig Chairmain of Trelleborg Group, Apoteket Hjärtat & Cellavision

Sören Mellstig Chairman of the board at Trelleborg Group, Apoteket Hjärtat & Cellavision enjoying playing with his teammate Ilhan Bashir Elmi

Näringslivet Möter Förorten was created to promote integration and counter-act segregation through the help of chess since it is a sport that all people can play and meet around no matter of background or prerequisites.
The tournament is a couple chess tournament with the rules that each business top is paired with a child from the suburbs, than they play couple chess together meaning that they play every other move without discussing the moves within the team. Totally 20 teams compete and the format of the tournament is group stage 4groups with 5 teams and all play all, with the group winner qualifying for semifinal and there it is knockout until one winner is crowned.


Chess is fun and conecting people!








The Champions of 2016

Magnus Eriksson from Kastells Lawfirm and Rishta Farzana from Rinkeby.











Carina Björkefors and Ahmed Afgou in action Carina is CEO of Entercard Sweden 










Malmös best Lawyer Johan Sigeman and his teammate Betiel Gilazgi  setting up the strategy…










The famous astronaut Christer Fuglesang enjoyed the event


So did Mikael Kadri from Monyx and his teammate Angelina Saliba










And Jan Ståhlberg owner of EQT and Chairman of Schackakademien and Yones Ben Yazza.








And of course the organizer!  Here together with the Tv host Viktor Åkerblom and the famous artist Promoe who both loved the event!







Check out the event here…


Grandelius vs Sam Sevian Live on TV with heart rate monitors!

At january the 5th Swedens number 1 Nils Grandelius faced “The new Bobby Fisher” in US big talent only 15-year old Sam Sevian.
The match was broadcasted on TV by Expressen and was seen by a massive audience (above 300 000!)
What was special was that the players used heart rate monitors that showed their hearth rates to the audience.
I was the expert in explaining the moves in the studio but the biggest Expert was without any doubts World Champion Magnus Carlsen who joined the show and commented on the games and gave his thoughts on the players and their future careers.
A must to Watch!

Advertisement Before the big match!


Nils and sam at the start of the first game Do they look nervous?

Grandelius Sevian

Anders Nilsson from Hearthmath also did a good job explaining the graphs. Anders works as mental coach for the Swedish sub 21 national soccer team that won! the last European Championships.

Anders Nilsson

In Action!!

Grandelius- Sevian in action

The match was organized by the never tired chess promotor Ingemar Falk with me helping him out and Rebecka Martikainen from Expressen together with our excellent technician Lucas Wickström keeping everything in control behind the scenes

Ingemar Falk and Rebecka Martikainen sealing the deal

The Studioguests


The excellent Studiohost Anna Hedenstam

Anna Herdenstam

Blindfold Simul at IKANO-HUSET

blindsimultan ikanohuset 1

A blind fold exhibition on IKANO-HUSET in Linköping
I gave a blindfold simul against totally four players from Linköpings chess club.

What does it mean?
well it means that I played two games parallel with my eyes covered against two opponents that were able to see the board!

Wow how can you do that?
Since I use visualization and project two chessboards inside my head.

But How can you see what they move?
No I can´t but I have an arbiter that tells me the coordinates of their moves
For example Pawn e2 to e4 and since the chessboard is a cordinate system I can than easily register their moves in my mind.

As side events Linköpings chess club had master challenges where the spectators could challenge a club player with time handicap 5 minutes against 1
as well as try outs where they got a speed class in the rules.
A big thank you to both IKANO-HUSET i Linköping and Linköpings chessclub for a good cooperation.

PWC Kickoff “Chesstrains”

In 2009 The big Multinational enterprice Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) who also happend to be the official sponsor of Swedish Chess, wanted a chess event at their annual kickoff, where they invite their Swedish employees to a city over a weekend full of different events, concerts and partys.

This time they had charted 2 trains that were suppose to transport participants from Malmö and Stockholm to Mora. The trains were so called “chesstrains” why we had chess entertainment and activities all over the two trains.
Chess quiz with prizes, The possibility to challenge a master with time advantage 9mins against 1, blindfold games,
short private chess classes and the most important, a live broadcasted match over internet between the two trains.

A very successful event and the main chess wagon was constantly overcrowded!

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