Grandelius vs Sam Sevian Live on TV with heart rate monitors!

At january the 5th Swedens number 1 Nils Grandelius faced “The new Bobby Fisher” in US big talent only 15-year old Sam Sevian.
The match was broadcasted on TV by Expressen and was seen by a massive audience (above 300 000!)
What was special was that the players used heart rate monitors that showed their hearth rates to the audience.
I was the expert in explaining the moves in the studio but the biggest Expert was without any doubts World Champion Magnus Carlsen who joined the show and commented on the games and gave his thoughts on the players and their future careers.
A must to Watch!

Advertisement Before the big match!


Nils and sam at the start of the first game Do they look nervous?

Grandelius Sevian

Anders Nilsson from Hearthmath also did a good job explaining the graphs. Anders works as mental coach for the Swedish sub 21 national soccer team that won! the last European Championships.

Anders Nilsson

In Action!!

Grandelius- Sevian in action

The match was organized by the never tired chess promotor Ingemar Falk with me helping him out and Rebecka Martikainen from Expressen together with our excellent technician Lucas Wickström keeping everything in control behind the scenes

Ingemar Falk and Rebecka Martikainen sealing the deal

The Studioguests


The excellent Studiohost Anna Hedenstam

Anna Herdenstam