Svenska Cupen Finished

The Swedish Club Cup – Svenska Cupen is over for this time and as organizers we congratulate the Champions Team Viking from Stockholm who played an impressive tournament where they were winning alot of games. The player of the tournament was IM Victor Nithander who did a Caruana performance with 7/7 and a performance rating of 3024!

Svenska Cupen results
The tournament is also very good for juniors that get the chance to play with, and beat! strong adult players. Every year there have been alot of upsets and this year was no exception with Västerås youth team delivering the best performance beating and drawing a bunch of players rated as much as 700 Points above them. Also the local talents from Linköping performed very well with Gabriel Nguen and Hugo Roginski beating and drawing with players around 2200 which is really impressive considering that there is no timehandicap and that their ratings are 1580 and 1427!
Svenska Cupen News
Where you can find some games, photos and more interesting information and it´s an excellent chance to practise your Swedish!
More photos at photos Svenska Cupen 2014

Team Vikings welldressed winning teamTeam Viking winning 2014_3880

Alf Björson SagitIMG_3824

Agnes Ng IMG_3800Nithander EmmothIMG_3810 Örgryte 4 mot hattlagetIMG_3839



Santi SagitIMG_3808Örgryte 3 Viking Love Troberg A Petersson_3823