Blindfold Simul at IKANO-HUSET

blindsimultan ikanohuset 1

A blind fold exhibition on IKANO-HUSET in Linköping
I gave a blindfold simul against totally four players from Linköpings chess club.

What does it mean?
well it means that I played two games parallel with my eyes covered against two opponents that were able to see the board!

Wow how can you do that?
Since I use visualization and project two chessboards inside my head.

But How can you see what they move?
No I can´t but I have an arbiter that tells me the coordinates of their moves
For example Pawn e2 to e4 and since the chessboard is a cordinate system I can than easily register their moves in my mind.

As side events Linköpings chess club had master challenges where the spectators could challenge a club player with time handicap 5 minutes against 1
as well as try outs where they got a speed class in the rules.
A big thank you to both IKANO-HUSET i Linköping and Linköpings chessclub for a good cooperation.