PWC Kickoff “Chesstrains”

In 2009 The big Multinational enterprice Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) who also happend to be the official sponsor of Swedish Chess, wanted a chess event at their annual kickoff, where they invite their Swedish employees to a city over a weekend full of different events, concerts and partys.

This time they had charted 2 trains that were suppose to transport participants from Malmö and Stockholm to Mora. The trains were so called “chesstrains” why we had chess entertainment and activities all over the two trains.
Chess quiz with prizes, The possibility to challenge a master with time advantage 9mins against 1, blindfold games,
short private chess classes and the most important, a live broadcasted match over internet between the two trains.

A very successful event and the main chess wagon was constantly overcrowded!

Skärmbild (78)